Every now again, some book is written or documentary is made about how psychopaths are all around us. How psychopaths don't all end up being crazed killers, and often go on to become successful realtors and portfolio managers. After reading or seeing such a work, I generally spend a few days seriously considering whether that terrible person I once worked with who said awful things about that nice woman on extended sick leave was, in fact, psychopathic, and then I forget about it again until the next 60 Minutes special. 

I was reminded of the existence of the non-lethal - but still pathologically thoughtless and monstrously callous - breed of psychopath by the news coming out of Britain about the New of the World. You know, about how people from that paper who seem to do nothing but randomly wiretap Pippa Middleton hacked into the voice-mail of Milly Dowler, a 13-year-old girl who'd gone missing. They proceeded to erase voice-mail messages in order to free up more space for new messages, and did so before the police had had an opportunity to listen to them. Because they  kept erasing messages, concerned family members were convinced she was still alive. Who else could possibly be emptying out her mailbox? Her body was discovered six months later.

We're all familiar with the kind of psychopath who collects toes, or looks like James Van der Beek, because Criminal Minds is on every hour of every day. But these non-violent ones, the kind who knowingly interfere with the search for a girl's killer and cruelly allow her relatives to hope in order to get fodder for a tabloid newspaper - they don't get as much airtime. So someone round up Mandy Patinkin, or another Dharma and Greg alum, and start shooting Criminal Minds: Repellent Behaviour so that the News of the World and others of its kind can be publicly reviled on A&E each and every afternoon.

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