We live in an age of (I love any sentence that begins that way) totally appropriate and defensible analogies. Wisconsin is likened to Cairo; Obama is equated with Hitler. I was going to write something wry and revealing about this enjoyable trend, and I was going to make excellent points about how responsible it is by way of a discussion of Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi. I was going to ask gentle readers to identify whether a quotation was from Sheen or Gaddafi and then make little waspish comments about how popular media outlets would probably ask gentle readers to the same thing, but unironically and therefore indefensibly. 

My constant and adorable pose of bored cynicism held me in good stead when I discovered I had been (unironically) scooped by The Guardian. Yesterday, they released their Sheen/Gaddafi version of Whose Line is it Anyway? (their words).

I was both undaunted and loathe to be redundant. Thankfully, I found a way out of this bind by creating a Crazy Actor/Crazy Dictator quiz that involves neither Two and a Half Men nor Libya, but still manages to be current.

Errol Flynn v Benito Mussolini: whose line is it anyway?

The U.S. actor and the Italian leader have both produced some choice lines. Can you identify which man was responsible for each of the following quotes?

1. Yes! happy and happy when we grow old. For the day's getting on and the night's getting long. Darling please gimme your arm and we'll joggle along, yes, we'll joggle and joggle and joggle along.

2. It isn't what they say about you; it's what they whisper.

3. It's good to trust others, but not to do so is much better.

4. The rest of my life will be devoted to women and litigation.

5. Inactivity is death.

6. There are parts of me that are Dennis Hopper.

Answer Key:
1. Errol Flynn
2. Errol Flynn
3. Benito Mussolini
4. Errol Flynn
5. Benito Musolini
6. Charlie Sheen

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