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Are there telltale signs a man isn't happy in his marriage?

I am including a link to the original answer from the New York Post, not because I think you should read the original answer, but because the link itself is instructive:

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If you were unfamiliar with the name "Ashley Dupre", never fear: the New York Post refers to her here only as "Eliot Spitzer Babe." That's right: readers of this paper can get love advice from none other than the call-girl who brought down the once untouchable governor of New York.

Unfortunately, she has not updated her advice column since mid-December. I choose simply to believe she has been deliberating ponderously over her next pieces of advice.

But on to the telltale signs. Yes, there are many telltale signs of unhappiness in a relationship or marriage.

1) Detachment. He may sidestep questions, avoid glances, fake sleep to get out of conversations.

2) Forced intimacy. He may enfold you in embraces constantly to prove to himself he still loves you.

3) A strange seesawing between detachment and forced intimacy. Not knowing yet whether he will force himself to stay and rekindle the feeble flame of love or allow himself to leave and have some sex with people, he behaves erratically, one minute clutching at you, the next, talking about having some sex with people.

4) Anything else. You see, catastrophytes, anyone you're involved with can already, right now, this very second, be planning to leave you. Anything can really be a sign of this intention, if you're looking for it. Or you're just paranoid, in which case, that's the tendency in you that will ultimately make him leave you.

4) He's having sex with Ashley Dupre.

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