Maclean's is on a roll. First, they published a daring article daringly entitled: "Too Asian?" (and now just-as-provocatively re-entitled "The Enrollment Controversy") about whether Asians were taking over Canadian universities. The fact that they didn't distinguish between foreign-born and Canadian-born "Asians", or indicate they realized there wasn't, in fact, one country called "Asia" which created all Asians, was worrisome because it means I found it difficult to determine in how many ways the magazine was being racist. Now, they have proven they have bravely refused to learn anything about thoughtfulness by publishing a list that compares and contrasts two groups known to regularly inspire a good belly-laugh: escorts and hookers.

I'm profoundly relieved that Eye Magazine and Toronto Life also noticed and commented on this list, because by the time I went back to look at it again, it had mysteriously disappeared. It is now only available via screengrab in the Eye Magazine article.

Scott Feshuk (who wrote this piece and, apparently, many speeches for a man well-known for his satirical hooker humour: Paul Martin) claims that he intended the list as a satirical response to the ways in which the media characterizes escorts and prostitutes. As Kate Carraway of Eye notes, though, "That's a good idea for a story, but writing it in a way that indicates approval and participation rather than satire is a problem." Also problematic is the fact that even if it were clearly satirical, it still wouldn't be very funny. 

Well, I wouldn't mind being paid to write for a Canadian publication, so here's my application:

Maclean's                  Hookers   
- attempts to          - performs sexual 
sell magazines           acts in exchange for 
to the same              money.
targeted by Rogers
and Tim Hortons
commercials by
suggesting that
Canadian universities
might be imperiled 
by sinister Asian

- attempts to           - performs sexual   
satirize media            acts in exchange for 
establishment's          money.
attitudes towards
sex workers by
seemingly rep-
licating those same
attitudes towards
sex workers. 

- read largely           - substantially more
by parents                 popular.
of prospective 
and Peter 

What do they have in common? I've never given money to either of them.

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Not one Asian Culture? Preposterous! According to Alexandra Wallace (

“In an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video, I have offended the UCLA community and the entire Asian culture...”


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