It is rare in life to find a consumer product capable of offering the consumer both spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

How happy I was, therefore, to come across this new bag from Lululemon, purveyor of soft and expensive yoga clothes:

Those who know me, know I've been searching for an Ayn Rand-themed yoga bag for quite some time. There are very few things that go together quite so well as  yoga and Objectivism.

Thank goodness Lululemon founder Chip Wilson read and was immensely moved by Atlas Shrugged at a tender age (thus putting a stop to the tenderness associated with his age and to any urge I might ever have had to talk to him at a party). His feelings about the novel are described here, by a writer and Lululemon employee so casual and presumably underpaid she  is referred to only as "Alexis."

I feel that the time is now right to introduce the world to the following new, ground-breaking, heartlessly Objectivist, Rand-ian yoga poses:
The Laissez-Faire
The Rational Egoist
The Heroic Being
The Federal Reserve Chairman
I expect this Objectivist "movement" to become enormously popular, especially with callow and disaffected captains-of-industry-to-be.
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The Trilateral Comission
11/16/2011 12:56:43 pm

is it just me, or do you suspect a message is probably also hidden in the 'yoga poses' side of the bag? Who knows what terrible truths it might reveal? "CHIP <3 XENU'

11/17/2011 05:25:10 am

I think it's like one of those magic eye images, and if you look at it just the right way, you find the head of Ronald Reagan.


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