Once you've really got the hang of catastrophizing, you may find yourself wanting to do it all the time. To brood on human mortality while watching the sun set. To wonder how many more mornings you have left when you wake up in the morning. To consider in a focused manner the fact of your very own inevitable death while watching Celebrity Sex Rehab

When you become more keenly aware of your flaws and failings, you'll delight in tracing them to real and imagined consequences. Have my insecurities caused me to turn my back on any number of possible vocations? Would my many inadequacies have caused me to fail at those vocations anyway? Will my need to watch 16 and Pregnant eventually lead to increased emotional distance between myself and my friends?

The temptation to catastrophize constantly will be considerable, but you must be strong, at least intermittently. People often say that the without the lows of life, the highs would be less intoxicating, but the reverse is also true. Without the occasional high, the lows of life will lose their lustre.

So even though you'd rather watch Disaster Date and focus on self-esteem issues... even though you'd rather browse Instructables and contemplate your chronic lack of must occasionally try to delight and inspire and laud yourself. For only after moments of elation can real and imagined catastrophes truly be appreciated; only against a backdrop of occasional brightness will the oppressive gloom stand out starkly. 

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