People can be foolish. People can frequently and fatally be foolish. People can also frequently and foolishly be fatal. Dear Catastrophytes, have these facts always on your mind. Do not allow them to be submerged in the ins and outs of the everyday. The everyday, you see, can also be fatal.

Even the most skeptical and wonder-less of us can occasionally be tempted by lotteries. By the possibility that we could be that person in a thousand who is rewarded with a cruise or money enough for a kidrobot room. The truth is, there is a possibility we will be this lucky person. One person has to win, and nothing says it can't be us. The chances are slim, but they are not none.

So we yearn and we believe and we buy our tickets, despite the teachings of probability. 

And yet, every time there is a disaster, a grand disappointment, a sizable personal loss, we see people on the news declare: "I just never thought it could happen to me." Never? Not once? Why not? The chances are far greater that something terrible will happen to or near you than that you will win a new television on which to watch people declare they never thought something terrible could happen to them.

You must adopt a new mantra, my young Catastrophyte. Whenever you come across a distressing story, think "this could happen to me." That way, if it does (and it will - the only question is whether it will be worthy of being televised), you can say "I always thought something like this would happen to me."

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