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I have known a guy for years. We have been friends for a long time. He recently asked me out four times in a row. He always used to say he would never date the same girl twice unless she was "the one." I don’t think anyone has ever felt the way I feel about him!! Do you think he thinks I am "the one?"

1) He HAS to think you're the one!! After all, you know that feelings don't change and if he once said he'd only date a woman more than twice if she were the one, then that is sure to still be true. Just like you must just be friends because you've always just been friends. That doesn't sound right. Either he thinks you're the one because what one has said before remains true or he sees you only as a friend because you've always only been friends. Voila!

2) He HAS to think you're the one!! You can be assured of this because people's catchy, throwaway phrases and philosophies are always carefully considered. If instead of saying any girl he saw more than once would have to be the one, he'd said, "Oh, I'd like to KILL that Sally Field," you should have called the police. He was clearly intent on murder. And might still be.

3) No one HAS ever felt the way you feel about him!! Strong and passionate feelings are rare. Wanting someone you've known for years to love you is almost unheard of. 

4) The two of you are sure to be happy together forever. As people continue to mean what they've once said and no one has ever felt for anyone the way you feel for him, I can see nothing but good romantic fortune in your future. Especially because presumably he's never had more than one date with any other woman, so his heart hasn't been damaged by experience. 
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